Caesura Magazine- Publisher of wonderful Essays on Art and featuring wonderful comics such as Octave, Brain Drops, and my current full color comic Casper and Fauntleroy.

Domino Books- A wonderfully curated alternative and avant-garde comics shop curated by Austin English. Check this out you will find books you’ve never seen anywhere else and will fall in love with comics and bookmaking!

Meow Wolf- Revolutionary art exhibit in Santa Fe, New Mexico ,a Las Vegas, Nevada and coming soon to Denver, Colorado. Check it out if you haven’t heard of it already it will blow your mind!!! My claim to fame is that I sell stickers in their Santa Fe gift shop.

Artisan Art Supply- An excellent art supply store in New Mexico where I currently work part-time. They have many quality art materials and a 20 foot python in the back of the store!

Noah Van Sciver- Lifetime cartoonist and a badass who just finished a graphic novel on Joseph Smith and His Mormons. Noah also has a wonderfully insightful youtube channel where he interviews fellow cartoonists in the industry!

Alex Graham- Alex Graham is a badass cartoonist of the wildly popular comic Dog Biscuits. She is a painter and the creator of the one woman anthology Cosmic Being!

Legit Concerns- The wonderful and far out and insightful word and drawings of Mikey Rae. Check out his website and his instagram if you are looking for some juicy inspiration!

Michael Kennedy- A british illustrator and cartoonist. Beautiful colorful layouts and funny unique pages make this guy and all-star!

Bubbles Fanzine- A wonderfully dense comics fanzine with thoughtful interviews and obscure gems. Its on the pulse and you should check it out!

But Enough About Other People Let’s Talk About Me!

Here is some music I have made:

Will Schreitz- Fun Rock and Roll Music

The Sound Spirit – A Supernatural Radio Show

Blue Video- Art Wave Album